Creating better experiences is super challenging and entirely doable.

Things can just work. Great ideas can turn into great experiences. Let’s make change manifest.

Linn Vizard
Founder & Design Lead
I’m one of Canada’s leading advocates and practitioners of service design.

I launched Made Manifest because I believe that a nimble and ever-evolving practice is the best way to get my clients to where they want to be. I care about process and am passionate about outcomes, but I also know that what makes it all possible is strong relationships. My goals are to build trust, discover what’s really going on together, and to create solutions that are the right fit for the people involved.

One of my great loves is mentoring and encouraging the next generation of designers. I train aspiring talent, write extensively, and have spoken at conferences around the world. I co-founded Service Design Toronto in 2013, and have spent years working with great teams at equally great agencies.

In my downtime you’ll find me making stuff with glitter, dancing, snuggling my cat, and deadlifting over 200 lbs.

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