In order to transform a service, you need to ask the right questions.


How can we get over the inertia of 'the way things have always been done?'


How can we learn and understand what people actually want?


How can we move beyond interesting ideas and into action?

Made Manifest has a whole host of approaches that we use to find the answers.

We collaborate in a variety of ways, because each opportunity is different. We lead, we support, we coach, we teach—and sometimes we do all of these at once.
Does your organization have a service, experience, or process that could work better?
Made Manifest leads collaborative projects that engage your team and your audience to map what’s possible and how to get there.

We know how to connect the dots across complex organizations, taking the work all the way from research & findings through to ideation & prototyping, and most critically, to implementation. We work with clients who have the vision and the will to improve the way things work.
  • Qualitative service research
  • Journey mapping & service blueprinting
  • Process improvement
  • Design sprints
  • Workshop design & facilitation
  • Organizational design
Capacity Building
Looking to embed service design capabilities within your team, or to foster them yourself.
Made Manifest offers professional coaching and individual career training at varying scales.

Even in our tech-saturated and complex-systems-driven reality, change must be sparked and led by people.

Equipping yourself or your team with the behaviours and tactics that enable transformation creates long-lasting potential.
  • Executive coaching
  • Team capacity building
  • 1:1 service design mentorship
  • Service design career coaching
Find yourself curious about the world of service design or just looking to learn more?
Made Manifest’s founder, Linn, actively writes and gives talks about the field—sharing perspectives and starting conversations.

Service Design is rapidly evolving, is crucial for a positive audience experience, and is at play within almost every type of business, so there is lots to chat about.

You can sign up for Linn’s newsletter, read articles, watch lectures, or engage Linn to give a talk.

  • Keynote speaking
  • Lunch & learns
  • Writing

Who we work with.

We collaborate with clients who are looking to improve the way things work—be it a service that your audience engages with, or even the way your team itself works.

Because services are everywhere, transcending sectors, our clients come to us from across industries. We work in telecom, start-up tech, education, not-for-profit, arts & culture, health, and the public sector. What unifies our clients is a drive to make real change, an openness to explore, and mutual trust.
Linn’s tenacity, thought leadership and service design excellence was monumental in uncovering critical customer and organizational challenges. Working with Linn was an every day learning experience because of her deep and diverse expertise of design methodology. What more, it’s always a joy to work with Linn because of her passion for collaboration and belief in the value of partnerships.
Sophia Park
Product Marketing at TELUS
In my time working with Linn, she demonstrated leadership, strategic thinking, and perhaps most importantly, empathy. I've never met anyone so dedicated to the art and craft of design, while at the same time being a great coach and mentor. I learned a lot about what it takes to lead a team from her, and am happy to say we still keep in touch to this day.
Kyle Schruder
Director of Design at Coactuate
I just wanted to say it was truly a joy to be part of all of your classes. The energy and passion that you brought to each class was amazing and always lifted the energy of the room. I’ve learned so much from you by just observing how you conduct the room, provide valuable feedback and ultimately empowered us throughout the course.
Karri Ojanen
Service & Interaction Design at RBC
Linn has a fantastic capacity for watching an organization and its design challenges closely, absorbing each detail, before carefully articulating a rigorous approach that pokes in exactly the right places and doesn't avoid the difficult questions. The result: insights and design you can trust deeply.
Principal at October Systems

Does your organization need help with an experience or internal process?